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Finally put up my newest banner


Finally put up my newest banner

Amateur League of Legends tournament + prizes!

Hey guys, a buddy of mine is hosting a League of Legends tournament (NA only) for players between bronze, silver, and gold rankings. The top 4 placing teams  will receive RP provided by Riot Games and the 1st place team also gets Triumphant Ryze skins!

The rules and registration can be found here:

Spread the word! We only need 3 more teams to go through with the tournament, but the more the merrier! GO GO GO!

Amateur Tournament For Bronze/Silver/Gold Players! (Prizes)

Hey fellow summoners, my buddy Matt is hosting a small tournament in late June for players between Bronze V and Gold I. Riot is providing prizes for the top 4 teams of the tournament, including $20 of RP and a Triumphant Ryze skin for the starting 5 of the 1st place team! For all the info check out this post he put up on Reddit:

Small League of Legends Exhibition Tournament

My buddy Matt is hosting and live streaming a small 4 team League of Legends tournament on March 15th. The rules and details are provided via the link!

Leaving this here too.

Leaving this here too.

My friend is streaming League of Legends!

I’m playing with him! Check him out:

League of Legends Community Exhibition Tonight!

Just a friendly reminder. Tonight, at 7pm est/4pm pst, the first of hopefully many League of Legends community exhibitions will be hosted by my friend Matt and I over at

We want to provide an arena for causal and amateur players to compete in a friendly and constructive environment, but we can only do so with some support from the community! So please tune in and maybe sign up for the next exhibition! 

For more info:

League of Legends Community Exhibition

My friend Matt and I are starting something up for the League community. We want to showcase some amateur and casual players in a competitive environment. We’ll be hosting live streams of regular exhibitions between pre-made teams of 5 along with some of our shout casting. Any and all teams are welcome to to message us for a spot in future matches. For now, it’s all for fun and to show off what you’ve got. In the future we hope to host tournaments for prizes!

For more info here’s the Reddit post we just put up for our first match tomorrow!